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Chapter Summary

Ch. 1: Why Convergence? It's the Consumer

Convergence journalism is a new way ofthinking about the news, producing the news and delivering the news, using all mediato their fullest potential to reach a diverse and increasingly distracted public.  It aims to address the growing fragmentation of the news audience while working with the growing consolidation of news ownership.

Changes in lifestyle habits affect how and when people get and want news, the types of news they will look for and the way they look for it.  The nine-to-five, 40-hour workweek does not exist for most Americans.  Americans are developing shorter attention spans and increasing demands for their time and interests.  Fewer people under the age of 30 are watching network evening newscasts or reading daily newspapers. 

Technological changes such as the rise of the Internet, global connections and wireless communication have raised expectations about how people can get news and information.  Those changes mean news audiences are limited by time or geography in getting news. 

Convergence refocuses journalism to its core mission – to inform the public about its world in the best way possible. But nowadays, the best way is not just one way: newspaper or television or the Internet.  The best way is a multiple media way.