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Chapter Summary

Ch 3: Common Values, Common Goals

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All journalists, regardless of how their work is distributed to the public, share common values about what is news and how they operate in gathering and producing news. Proximity, prominence, timeliness, unusualness or novelty, impact or relevance all help to define news and shape news judgment. Truth, accuracy, fairness, balance and independence are goals all journalists and news organizations profess to seek.  News judgment is often a balancing act in determining what the public needs to know with what the public wants to know. 

Each medium has strengths and weaknesses in providing information. Newspapers can be scanned, leafed through, returned to, clipped and saved. They have more space and thus have a greater ability to provide context and detail.  However, they are at a disadvantage in providing immediate and interactive information. Broadcast can provide immediacy and emotion and give audiences a sense they are there witnessing news. Online news can provide interactivity and multimedia storytelling. It  can also provide depth through its search capabilities.

Convergence news operations seek out the common goals and try to exploit the strengths of different media to provide better news storytelling to their audiences.  Each newsroom that is trying convergence is doing different levels of it from cross-promotion, to simple re-playing a story from one medium onto another.